Where, How and With Whom Do You Want to Learn New Stuff? (Online or Off?)


You know, improvised theater - unscripted theater where you make the characters, scenes, story line, plot, everything up as you go. Like you might see at a comedy club or on the old show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

If you’ve taken any of my trainings this probably comes as no surprise because I use improv games in all my training. I even sometimes do an improv game or two when I’m giving a keynote talk to hundreds of people.

The benefits of improv are many (team building, practicing taking risks, getting to laugh, re framing mistakes as fun learning opportunities) but that’s not the point of this email.

The point is: I’M TAKING AN IMPROV CLASS!!!!!!

And, I couldn’t be more excited.

It was on my list of 2019 intentions (play more!) and January’s not even over yet and here I am checking this one off!

It will be for 8 weeks and it starts next Tuesday at 7pm. It’s at The Ruby, a relatively new improv theater here in Los Angeles. It’s a “feminist and inclusive comedy theater and school,” according to the website, which is super duper exciting cause in my experience improv theater has not been the most inclusive...and since one of my personal missions in life is to create inclusive learning experiences I feel super aligned with these folks.

The first time I took a formal improv class was probably 15 years ago and if you would have told me than that I’d now be taking a class at an improv school dedicated to being feminist and inclusive I honestly wouldn’t have believed you. The only way I would have believed you is if you would have bent time to let me see into the future so I could see it for myself.

What are you excited to learn in 2019? Where do you like to learn new things?

Do you like to take classes online or offline? (I like both).

Is it important to you that the school has a mission or values that align with your own?

Do you have certain teachers you seek out or qualities you look for in teachers?

I’m gonna get back to giving you tips and strategies for those behavioral challenges you face soon but right now please indulge me in learning a bit about you and what you want, need, desire and crave as a learner.

Then, I’ll try to bend time and space and get you the learning opportunity of your dreams.

What would light you up like knowing I’m going to The Ruby at 7pm next Tuesday does to me? Write it down in the comment box below.

I’m listening.