Calling All Preschool Teachers: What Do You Want to Learn?

Do you remember last week I asked you what it would look like if you loved your job?

I’ve got a follow up:

what do you need to learn this year?

What would help you feel more confident and effective in what you do at work?

What do you want to learn so that you can be the teacher you want to be?

What do you want to learn in order to move into the position you aspire to?

What do you need to know about to help Daniel, who comes in crying every morning? Or, to help Rosa who throws chairs? How about Keol, who bites? And that parent who frustrates you to know end, what skills do you need to develop to collaborate more effectively with him or her?

What would set you up for success in 2019?

Can you please jot your notes about 1-3 things you want to learn in 2019 in the comments below?

Thank you.