Are your conference attendees asking for help with children who exhibit challenging behavior or have experienced trauma? Looking for an inspirational speaker to kick off your event or close the day out, leaving people feeling energized and excited to try out what they’ve learned on Monday?

Barb is known for her storytelling, her dynamic stage presence and her ability to inspire early childhood professionals who are feeling hopeless when it comes to children’s behavior. 

Both teachers and administrators report finding Barb’s talks relatable and down to earth.  

She offers practical strategies, stories of success, inspiration, and new ways of seeing.

Barb is a former professor and researcher and she does weave research and best practices into her talks but this will not be a stuffy PowerPoint presentation! Her emphasis is on supporting teachers and directors (and coaches and other early childhood professionals!) in their day-to-day struggles so she brings the research into her presentations in a way that is practical and accessible while centering teachers’ concerns so that they will actually want to make use of what they are learning!

Curious to learn more? 

You can schedule a call directly with Barb so that you can figure out whether Barb’s talks are a good match for the needs of your conference participants? Book a 15-minute call with Barb to learn more.


What People Are Saying


On behalf of the Leading the Way childcare conference committee, we were thoroughly impressed with Barb and her commitment to our full day professional development conference last fall in Wisconsin.  She tailored not only her keynote presentation but also her two workshops to meet the social emotional needs of the childcare providers, and consequently the young children, in our area. 

She designed our professional development experience to include hands-on strategies like building upon the strengths and interests of the children and making individual support plans while empowering teachers and boosting their confidence.   

As the main facilitator, Barb was compassionate, interesting and well-organized.  We really appreciated her wisdom and life experiences as she as she led us through interactive and experiential activities. Everyone left with so many ideas to incorporate around working with children with challenging behaviors.  I would highly recommend Barb!  

Here are a few comments from participants as stated on conference evaluations:   

*Barb O'Neill is a wonderful speaker. Would attend again to hear her speak.

*I love how she had us share with each other the top 5 take-aways from all the sessions. She's a great speaker!

*This was very inspiring to me, extremely helpful, and quite interesting. I would like to try this in my room with my children. Interactive with us, fun!



As an early education professional, speaker and trainer, Barb did not just come into our Center with a set presentation ready to deliver – she took considerable time up front to talk to our staff and understand their programing and concerns, she wanted to hear real stories about our children. With this information she was able to adapt and create a presentation that was meaningful and practical to our organization and our staff. Attendees left with tools they could immediately implement into their classroom and in their parent coaching sessions. It did not end there as she provided follow up calls, feedback and allowed ample opportunity for questions and answers. We got much more than a well thought out presentation, we got meaningful coaching that helped our teachers and staff feel more confident in their approach to working with “challenging behaviors” and helping children.


Curious to learn more?

Book a 15-minute call with Barb to learn more.