Never Enough Help With Classroom Transitions!

How are your classroom transitions going? I'm talking about the transition from playtime to clean up time.....outdoor time to back inside...lunch to nap?

No help with classroom transitions

Do you have children who refuse to follow directions? Find that certain children get over-stimulated during daily classroom transitions and end up hurting a friend? Are you getting into power struggles with children about cleaning up blocks?

Here's the deal...

1. I'm sure you have some things you do to manage transitions, like a 5-minute warning before clean up time. But what if there were small additions you could make to enhance what you're already doing without that much effort that would result in more children cleaning up?

2. Like many teachers you might find that some children require MANY reminders or A LOT of additional support during classroom transitions. Yet, when you give them that one-on-one attention you often find yourself in a power struggle, have a child who runs away from you, or one falls out on the floor in resistance Hmmm...what if (don't shoot the messenger here) you might actually be making one of the many common mistakes I see teachers making that end up provoking this behavior or unnecessarily escalating this type of resistance or tantrum? (So common! No shame in this! But let's help you make some tweaks in what you're doing to avoid this).

3. What if you had strategies that made daily classroom transitions fun, even for you!?

It's possible.

Classroom Transitions

Want to learn some strategies to get you on the road to more easeful transitions?

I've created a condensed version of of my day long training on transitions for my upcoming 2-hour online course, Transform Your Transitions: A Step-By-Step Course for Early Childhood Educators.

In the course I'll walk through the most effective strategies for setting you and the kids up for successful classroom transitions. These are the strategies I've used in my classroom with success and the ones that teachers who've taken my in-person training have said work best.

The live online course will take place on October 4, 2018 from 5-7pm Pacific.

After completing the live course or watching the replay, and answering a 3 question quiz you can download your certificate of completion.*

For participants who can attend live there will be time for a Q & A where selected participants will get my help applying the strategies to their own classroom...this will help everyone apply the material!

If you can’t participate live you can send in your questions ahead of time and I will try to answer as many as I can.

Take this engaging and interactive 2-hour online course and stop feeling stressed about your classroom transitions!!!!

Want in?

Join me and 500 early childhood professionals who already purchased the course (along with the 21 sessions from the Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference Gold Package back in May). 

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