Struggling to support the teachers you supervise who are struggling with children's behavior? Maybe collaboration with the child's family has also been tough. Perhaps you think the child needs an evaluation...or perhaps the child is getting support services and its still not enough! Let's get on the phone for 15-20 minutes, discuss your challenges, make an action plan and decide how we might work together. Breathe a sigh of relief. Help is on the way. 

Not sure what you need or where to start? We can talk it through on the phone or if you prefer start with doing The Transform Challenging Behavior Program Assessment. It's free and you can download it here


Once you've downloaded and completed the program assessment you can take the next steps on your own or get in touch with me at and we'll figure out where to go from there. 


Here's a sampling of the services I offer to programs and directors...


Comprehensive BEHAVIOR Transformation program

For programs that have the dedication and resources. The best way I can help you.

  • six-months of consultation 
  • three full days of trainings 
  • on-site modeling, observation and coaching
  • regular strategy meetings
  • development of an onsite challenging behavior leadership team
  • pre-training assessment 
  • full support for strategy integration

This will give you and your staff the confidence, knowledge and skills to tackle any behavioral challenge you face with gusto. 

Transform Challenging Behavior
3-day training

Looking for professional development for your upcoming pre-service or in-service days? After this dynamic and highly interactive 3-day training your staff will:

  • feel inspired and willing to try some new things to address challenging behavior
  • understand how to capitalizing on children’s propensity for play to tackle the challenge of unwanted behavior
  • learn how to build on children’s interests and strengths to address their needs
  • have new, theater-arts based strategies for supporting struggling children
  • be able to approach families with compassion and new tools 

You and your staff will be inspired, renewed and ready to be masters at dealing with “difficult” children. 

Transform Challenging Behavior
1 Day Training

Helping teachers to feel inspired and capable to try new tools can happen in one day. After this training your staff will:

  • feel renewed confidence and energy for tackling this challenge
  • be able to use play support to teach self-regulation and cooperative play skills 
  • have concrete plans for the child that currently challenges you most 
  • have an easy-to-use methodology for transforming future behavioral concerns

In this training we dive deep into developing the mindset needed for tackling challenging behavior. Coupled with practical, powerful strategies and real world examples for transforming behavior today. 

Two hour and half-day workshops also available, contact me for more information.


Not sure where to start? Download The Transform Challenging Behavior Program Assessment for Early Childhood Directors and pinpoint what type of training, coaching or consulting would best suit your program. 



Ready to transform challenging behavior but not sure about the best way for us to work together?

Schedule a Behavior Transformation Jumpstart Call and we'll figure it out together!