What If You Loved Your Job?

I’m talking head-over-heels, can’t wait to see you, texting or calling you all the time, buying you small gifts and making you a mixtape kinda love. Feel thankful every day kinda love.


I’m talking love working with each and every one of those kids, love every one you supervise….even love your job on the hard days kinda love (though, ok, fair, it might elude you at the really hard moments).

I’m talking about feeling supported. Laughing throughout the day. Taking joy in those little moments with even some of the most challenging children. Getting to use your gifts and strengths. Feeling connected and joyous and in the flow at work….embracing the challenges, taking them in stride and feeling like a rock star when you leave at the end of the day.

What would it look like to love your job? How would you be supported? What would your daily interactions look like? What would the interactions with the child who challenges you most look like?


At the beginning of the year I like to spend some time envisioning what I want things to look like in my life...even in areas of my life where those things might currently seem impossible.

Would you be into doing this with me for a minute?

Just take a step back (or do it while you drive or brush your teeth or eat a hurried lunch if you need to) and dream a little. What would you ideal position, classroom, role, workplace look like? What would your daily interactions look like?

How do you want to feel at work? What do you want to be doing? How do you want to be doing it?

Dream big!

Then, dream bigger.

Also, by the way, what kind of shoes are you wearing? And, what do you eat for lunch?

I invite you to do this exercise first and foremost for you.

But also, I’m cooking something up over here (which I’ll tell you about in a few weeks!) and hearing about your dreams would actually help me with what I’m creating SO much. So, thank you.

Please share your answer in the comments below.

Wait. What? You already love your job? That’s amazing. Then I definitely want to hear all about it. Please take 1 minute and share a detail or two about what your dream job or current job looks like to help others create their vision?

Note: I believe this is the link requested by Imelda in the comments below: ContinuEd Early Childhood Education.